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We recruit all and any through Applying and then we will meet with the council whether or not you shall be Allowed To Join.First 30 Members can join without Applying,
There are no upcoming events.
Welcome To GrooveStreet.A brotherhood and a community and a family that hopes to achieve the best in all of us.
We are GrooveStreet and should be proud of it.We are more than just another group,We are The group and we are
all treated as equals.

Goals To Be Achieved:

Creating a Manga:This seems to be the hardest do to our in-ability to create such beauty and art.None the less we still hope to achieve this goal. Headed by:The Blacksmith

100 International Members:We hope to be able to spread the GrooveStreet name everywhere as possible whether trip or not, Vacation or not,and Online or not.

Local community and Global Improvement:This is the most common among groups.A simple goal as to achieving a good community and reputation among

Rules and Agreements:

Rule No.1
:This group is not public.Publicity Split without confirmation from an official Ranking such as President,SEVP,,EVP,GVP And SVP is Required before revealing the contents of the site.

Rule No.2:Upon treason of one member to another will result in a vote depending on the council whether not to be given an Offense or not.Upon reaching 2nd offense you will be exiled from Groovestreet.Opening cases can only be opened from people outside the Council.All members inside the council who wish for a vote must first come through a private meeting.

Rule No.3:This rule will only apply towards officers.All voting shall be done in fair term all couching and or threatening of the person who is being voted on will not be counted and will result towards instant result of Exile.Keep in mind that secrets about anyone inside the council is to be told during a meeting.If such secret is exposed and has not been told to the council members than that will result in Officer membership exile or Exile itself.

Rule No.4:All members are to be treated as equals in terms of membership.In terms of ranking all members outside council are fairly equal.Teasing of one member towards another or hostile action is not allowed and will result in punishment at the highest level.

Rule No,5:Extreme Resistance towards enlisted attitudes(See down below for more information) will result in a offense.This attitudes should try and at least highly be observed as it shows our self-control and respect towards us and other.We are not here to discriminate you for who you are.Only change you for who you want to be.

These rules are to be taken seriously and are to be enforced at maximum ability.

GrooveStreet Council:
2.0UTL4W:Senior Executive Vice President(SEVP)
3.CCCruz:Executive Vice President(EVP)
4.Elwood:Group Vice President(GVP)
5.Ghost:Senior Vice President(SVP)
6.The Blacksmith:Corporate Vice President(CVP)
7.n3w_Ag3:First Vice President(FVP)
8.ADorito:Vice President(VP)
9.Hai:Assistant Vice President(AVP)

This is the current Not Permanent list of the Council members all names/titles are given accordingly to the name(Nickname) of the officer referred to.All ranks are official and shall not be change.

Ground Rules Of Attitudes


We will be as open as possible but will honor the right of privacy.

Information discussed in our group will remain confidential. With regards to peoples' opinions, what's said here stays here.

We will respect differences. We won't discount others' ideas.

We will be supportive rather than judgmental.

We will give feedback directly and openly; it will be given in a timely fashion, and we will provide information that is specific and focuses on the task and process and not on personalities.

Within our group, we have the resources we need to solve any problem that arises. This means that we will all be contributors.

We are each responsible for what we get from this team experience.

Practice self-respect and mutual respect.

Build self-esteem. Respect each person.

No finger pointing -- address the process not the individual.

Criticize only ideas, not people.

Everyone is expected to help facilitate, critique, and evaluate the meeting.

Everyone is expected participate and to respect and support the right to be heard.

Be willing to forgive.

Share air time, work from you own "learning edge" and acknowledge that others are at different places

Expect to change your own mind, but don't expect to change another's mind.

Watch for "trigger words -- language IS important.

If need be, agree to disagree.

Be open to new concepts and to concepts presented in new ways. Keep an open mind. Appreciate other points of view.

Do not accept the first idea -- go for the second and even better the third.

Everyone is responsible for the success of the meeting.

Be an "Adventurer" not a "Prisoner".

Be a team player. Respect each other's ideas. Question and participate.

Relax. Be yourself. Be honest.

Be willing to make mistakes or have a different opinion.

Keep confidences and assume others will as well.

Accept personal responsibility for team outcomes.

Share your knowledge, experience, time, and talents.

To all admins.Please do not edit this page.      -Thank you

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